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Fundraising Campaigns

The Pan African Historical Museum USA relies primarily on support in the form of donations, grants, and private giving. Support for PAHMUSA has allowed our doors to remain open for over 25 years. Unfortunately, over the past several years that support has weaned and we are at a pivotal junction. As the need arises, we will launch fundraising initiatives as part of our annual programming. These campaigns serve two functions:

  1. ​Create awareness for the museum and its rich history to Springfield and beyond.

  2. Raise funds for operating costs attributed to keeping the museum open and providing programming.


We humbly ask that you consider supporting PAHMUSA and its mission - PAHMUSA proudly and consistently supports, reserves, and propagates the legacy and rich history of people of color. We are a service-oriented business that emphasizes sharing our human and material resources to support and uplift our immediate and surrounding community.

See our current campaigns below:

30 Day Campaign

April 29, 2024 - May 29, 2024

As we continue to inspire, educate, and engage our community, we rely on the generous support of individuals like you who recognize the importance of preserving our cultural legacy. Your past contributions and participation have played a crucial role in our ability to offer innovative exhibitions, educational programs, and events that enrich the lives of countless individuals. We invite you to partner with us to expand our impact and reach even greater heights. With your backing, we can expand upon the solid foundation set by Pahmusa over the last thirty years. Your generous contribution will enable PAHMUSA to sustain its commitment to delivering exceptional programming, including exhibitions, education, history, and community partnerships.    


Our historic Inaugural Art, Culture, and History Fundraising Gala paved the way for our 2024 fundraising campaign. While we came well short of our funding goal for this single event, the good news is we still have time to accomplish our goal, that is with the help of the community!

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