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Lujuana Hood Remembered

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Curator Sam Bradley and board member Tony Bass reminisce about the works of Lajuana Hood and the future of PAHMUSA.

Ms. Lajauna Hood was a devoted student of both the Holy Bible and the history of the African Diaspora. Her passion and ability to intellectually articulate how essential both entities were and are in the evolution of the African experience and its contributions to the world's civilizations.

In The Words of Lajauna Hood

"Our history did not start with slavery. Irt started with kings and queens of Africa with great empires like Ghana Mali, and Songhai. The libraries of Timbuktu are older than Harvard University ".

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PAHMUSA provides a unique experience into our history and a true treasure in the New England area. We are accessible to anyone wanting to visit our institution.

The Legacy Continues

The spirit of Lajuana Hood and the treasures she left us will continue to be pasted on the generations to come. Not only will continue her dream but, we are committed to evolving the museum into a world class experience second to none.

Stun Your Readers

"We stand on the shoulders of those who have come before us."

what makes PAHMUSA different from other such museums is that we tie the experience of the African Diaspora directly to the past and presence of our contributions to New England. We are partnering with other institutions like The Springfield Historical Preservation Society and Baystate Health to help bring our historical value alive.

Get Inspired

knowledge of history is an inspiration for the future. Lajuana Hood was divinely inspired to educate our youth about the truth of our history. She was highly regarded, by her scholarly peers, as an undeniable caretaker of our true history. Lajauna literally walked the walk by travelling to the continent of Africa to further understand her research.

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