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Our Mission

PAHMUSA proudly and consistently supports, reserves, and propagates the legacy and rich history of people of color. We are a service-orientated business that emphasizes sharing our human and material resources to support and uplift our immediate and surrounding community.           


The immediate and broader community recognizes PAHMUSA as one of the most culturally relevant and historically rich venues for supporting our diverse community's physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual life, wealth, and health.


We not only have it as our mission to present the history and culture of Africa and people of African descent in a dignified, entertaining, and accurate manner, we aggressively pursue this mission with diligence and steadfastness by fostering a clear understanding of Africa, her peoples and her enormous contribution to human civilization since the establishment of PAHMUSA in 1991.


We host exhibits, performances, hands-on arts and crafts activities, festivals, specialized and scholarly speakers, workshops, walking tours,  community forums, host meetings, show films and documentaries, display print and non-print books and artifacts, and partner with other cultural institutions to promote Black history in an inviting and multi-sensory platform.


One exhibit, the great civilizations of Songhai, Ghana, and Mali, serves as a launching pad for the themes highlighted throughout the gallery. Black to the future is not just a cute slogan. It is a call to action which helps keep PAHMUSA motivated to consistently serve the community with excellence.

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